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Conference Proceedings

Fifth International Future Mining Conference 2021

Conference Proceedings

Fifth International Future Mining Conference 2021

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The Future Mining Conference series has been a forum for communication between current and future industry leaders, technologists, scientists and engineers, mine executives, investors, government representatives, academics and all the other stakeholders. The conference aims to address innovations and opportunities to transfer scientific and technological developments from other disciplines into the minerals industry. It also intends to examine the human factors and skill needs for the future operations, identify possible blue-sky scenarios of ‘Mining in the Future’, strategies of mining education and research, novel mining systems and future commodities and directions. The main themes of the conference include automation; mine internet of things; mineral processing and beneficiation frontiers; sustainability; the future demands of critical and digital minerals, future skills; and new mining frontiers including space resources engineering.

Papers in collection

  • Overcoming the challenges of machine learning at scale Go to Paper
  • Methane concentration forward prediction using machine learning from measurements in underground mines Go to Paper
  • Artificial-intelligence based geotechnical hazard detection for autonomous mining Go to Paper
  • Bad data - does it really kill off AI and machine learning? Go to Paper
  • Automatic magnetite identification at Placer deposit using multi-spectral camera mounted on UAV and machine learning Go to Paper
  • Data driven geology - adopting a data driven culture and reaping the benefits of machine learning Go to Paper
  • Enhanced orebody knowledge through scanning technologies and workflows Go to Paper
  • Using machine learning and novel algorithms to predict muck pile shape and engineer a perfect blast Go to Paper
  • Autonomous dozers - technical challenges and the benefits to mine operation Go to Paper
  • Automation considerations for underground shuttle car haulage Go to Paper
  • Assessment of excavation technologies for a small-scale mining robot and development of future concepts Go to Paper
  • Intelligent characteristics and technical path of fully mechanised mining Go to Paper
  • Development of spilling judgment system for dump truck loading using digital twin technology Go to Paper
  • Application of use case modelling to achieve safe, efficient mining equipment automation Go to Paper
  • Roof bolting module automation for enhancing miner safety Go to Paper
  • Integrated operations for complex resources Go to Paper
  • Creating the modern mine - beyond 2025 at Prominent Hill Operations Go to Paper
  • Developing a foundation of a framework for evaluating the impact of mining technological innovation on a company's market value Go to Paper
  • Digital twins meet virtual reality in the Australian mining industry Go to Paper
  • Global digitalisation trends in mining and their impact on aspects of sustainability Go to Paper
  • The breakthrough technology for digital transformation of mining business Go to Paper
  • Hydrogen power for the mining industry Go to Paper
  • Safety culture survey in coal-fired powerplant (PT X) at South Kalimantan, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • A simulation based feasibility evaluation of renewable power generation on an off-grid mine (Jundee Gold Mine) Go to Paper
  • Hydro-electrical power potentials in the Peruvian mining industry Go to Paper
  • Sustainable power generation for mining operations with natural ester technology Go to Paper
  • Carbon footprint reduction with continuous mining equipment Go to Paper
  • Do we have enough copper to decarbonise society? An overview of resources/production from porphyry ores/E-wastes Go to Paper
  • Mine training for future skills Go to Paper
  • Aligning competency orientated work integrated learning models for mining engineers and mine surveyors Go to Paper
  • Miners of the future - ensuring good working conditions in the future digital mine Go to Paper
  • Human performance variability and responsiveness to training in traditional and autonomous haulage operations Go to Paper
  • Unlocking human creativity - people, technology and the changing role of organisations Go to Paper
  • Highly sought-after mine managers - what qualifications, responsibilities and duties are of great importance to mining companies? Go to Paper
  • An AI-based personalised evaluation and training system for displaced workers in mining industry Go to Paper
  • Optimising blast hole loading with MWD and 3D image analysis Go to Paper
  • Enabling the digital mine of the future through autonomous underground data capture Go to Paper
  • Optically powered monitoring networks Go to Paper
  • The potential of a mine-wide digital rock mass condition monitoring system Go to Paper
  • Optical light microscopy - a novel tool for near real time coalmine dust monitoring Go to Paper
  • Underground rock bolt identification from 3D LiDAR scanning data Go to Paper
  • Mobile laser scanning for automated point cloud registration, object detection and structural mapping in mining Go to Paper
  • Improving interpretation of seismic data using deep generative networks Go to Paper
  • Challenges and approaches to flotation of sea floor massive sulfide ores Go to Paper
  • Comparative study on rougher copper recovery prediction using selected predictive algorithms Go to Paper
  • Correlating process mineralogy and pulp chemistry for quick ore variability diagnosis Go to Paper
  • High density gravity separation circuits - a pathway to sustainable minerals beneficiation Go to Paper
  • Mechano-activation and acid leaching of lithium from spodumene Go to Paper
  • Technospheric mining of cobalt from nickel slag - a study on complexation leaching Go to Paper
  • Differentiation of AG/SAG mill feed particle size variations in batch milling process using acoustic emissions Go to Paper
  • Influence of lifter height on mill acoustics and performance Go to Paper
  • Direct leaching of rare earth elements from circulating fluidised bed combustion coal fly ash by hydrochloric acid Go to Paper
  • Measuring charge motion from inside an operating SAG mill Go to Paper
  • Mine floor material recovery must become part of life-of-mine plan Go to Paper
  • Research progress towards the unlocking of recovery Go to Paper
  • Raise caving - a new cave mining method for mining at great depths Go to Paper
  • Sleep/wake up system for underground mines Go to Paper
  • BHP WAIO Mine Planning Integration from 5YP to execution Go to Paper
  • Image-based recognition of withdrawn coal and automatic control of drawing opening in longwall top-coal caving faces Go to Paper
  • Leveraging virtual reality for mine accident investigations Go to Paper
  • Picturing the future - assessment of mining systems needed for lunar volatiles excavation Go to Paper
  • Off Earth mining? Watch this space... Go to Paper
  • Regulating space mining - use a system that works Go to Paper
  • Development of a Martian water resource project management system Go to Paper
  • Integrating the approaches to space and mining project life cycles Go to Paper
  • Facilitating commercial lunar water ice extraction - a terrestrial mining perspective on governance Go to Paper
  • Determination of the stability of microtunnel opening in lunar regolith and low gravity conditions Go to Paper
  • High vacuum metallurgy - opportunities in lunar resource processing Go to Paper
  • Design and application of swarm robotics system using ABCO method for off-Earth mining Go to Paper
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