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Conference Proceedings

Life of Mine Conference 2021

Conference Proceedings

Life of Mine Conference 2021

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This was the fifth event in the Life-of-Mine Conference series, held in Brisbane and online in April 2021. The proceedings is a series of extended abstracts which discuss the following topics: integrated mine planning; application of technologies; incorporation of societal and community dimensions into design, operation and rehabilitation; global trends, practical methodologies and applications; strategies for improving rehabilitation; viable post-mining economies and innovation.

Papers in collection

  • Integration of mine water management to meet progressive rehabilitation requirements Go to Paper
  • Using Design of Experiments to Improve Strategic Mine Planning Go to Paper
  • Integrated Closure Planning and the Deswik Mine Closure Risk Ratio Go to Paper
  • Integrating Water Planning at each step of the Mine Planning Process Go to Paper
  • Mine closure obligations – are we all talking the same language? Go to Paper
  • No Assumptions, No Surprises Go to Paper
  • Interpretation of geological structures and their importance on closure of the Ranger Uranium Mine Go to Paper
  • The application of machine learning to estimate specific energy geological models for the purposes of life of mine optimisation Go to Paper
  • Impact of the WABSI Completion Criteria framework in practice. Go to Paper
  • Improving, sustaining, and forecasting performance for the Life of Mine Go to Paper
  • Community attitudes on mine rehabilitation of open-cut coal mines in regional New South Wales Go to Paper
  • Coal Hole: community engagement using experimental art Go to Paper
  • Carrapateena Expansion Material Risk, Innovation and Stakeholder Value Creation Go to Paper
  • Public participation in mine life-cycle transitions Go to Paper
  • Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management: Impact on the Lifecycle Design and Approach Go to Paper
  • Thinking Beyond Closure: Why Bother? Go to Paper
  • Agile Mining – steelcaps, sticky notes and a squeaky chicken Go to Paper
  • Mining at the Tipping Point? A reflection on the sector’s performance against society’s evolving expectation and the Opportunity presented by Covid-19 to reshape the sector and the ‘brand of mining’ Go to Paper
  • Tailings dams: using Landscape Evolution Models to assess their long-term containment potential Go to Paper
  • Recovery trends following fires in rehabilitation in central and southern Queensland Go to Paper
  • Water Management Strategy of an Overburden Dump Go to Paper
  • Management of Acid and Metalliferous Drainage in Tasmania: Good Practice Guidance (2020-2025) Go to Paper
  • Engineered Soil Cover Systems for Cost Effective Mine Restoration Go to Paper
  • Forces shaping the future of the mining industry Go to Paper
  • The Meaning of Life Go to Paper
  • Creek Reinstatement over Backfilled Mine Pits Go to Paper
  • Digital innovation in mine site rehabilitation monitoring Go to Paper
  • Harnessing Emerging Risk Management Concepts to Support Closure Outcomes Go to Paper
  • Reducing risks and improving rehabilitation outcomes: Queensland Government Reforms Go to Paper
  • Improved performance of mined-land rehabilitation informed by digital environmental sensing and Bayesian modelling Go to Paper
  • Waste rock cover design – sensitivity study Go to Paper
  • Prediction of long-term salt generation from coal spoils Go to Paper
  • Charting a course toward sustainable post-closure outcomes: Learnings from the Pilbara Go to Paper
  • Final voids in floodplains – are they really that bad? Go to Paper
  • Lessons learned from Twenty Years of Cover System Monitoring Go to Paper
  • The Revegetation of Ranger Uranium Mine: Strategy and Research Trials Go to Paper
  • Overseeing Latrobe Valley Mine rehabilitation: Implementation of the new Mine Land Rehabilitation Authority Go to Paper
  • Numerical water quality modelling to inform the end use planning for non-acidic mine void lakes Go to Paper
  • Aquatic biodiversity values of two non-acidic pit lakes created by open-cut coal mining Go to Paper
  • Mangoola Open Cut Mine Rehabilitation Design – Getting the Fundamentals Right Go to Paper
  • Integrated Closure Planning and Value Realisation Go to Paper
  • Properties of Mature Soil Covers of Coal Residue Facilities in Semi-Arid Climate Region of South Africa Go to Paper
  • Developing Guideline for Soil Covers to Mitigate Seepage Impacts from Coal Mine Residue Facilities for Semi-Arid Regions of South Africa Go to Paper
  • Transitioning existing mine approvals to the new progressive rehabilitation and planning framework in Queensland Go to Paper
  • Simulating gully formation and evolution on a post-mining landform Go to Paper
  • Phytocapping of tailings using industrial hemp and mixed-waste organic outputs Go to Paper
  • Geotourism - A Transformational Approacha to Conserving Heritage and Generating Post-Mining Economies for Communities Go to Paper
  • The role of techno-economic models in creating both sustainable operations and closed sites Go to Paper
  • Dynamic and Integrated Simulation of Arctic Hydrology Project Go to Paper
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  • Published: 2021
  • Pages: 186 pp.
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  • ISBN no: 978-1-925100-95-2

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