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Conference Proceedings

PACRIM 99 Congress

Conference Proceedings

PACRIM 99 Congress

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This PACRIM Congress was the fourth in a quadrennial series of conferences on mining and earth sciences around the Pacific Rim. The volume encompasses a broad spectrum of issues that make up a valuable record of current thinking in many different fields.
Topics covered by this 718 page conference proceedings include:
Keynote Addresses
New Discoveries in Old Terrains
Deposit Studies/Regional Reviews
Base Metal Deposits
Tectonics and Metallogeny
Mining/Computer Studies
Ore Reserves
High Sulphidation Eqithermal Deposits
Porphyry/Skarn Deposits
Coal Deposits and
Discovery Methods.

Papers in collection

  • Setting and Origin of Miocene Giant Ore Deposits in the Central Andes Go to Paper
  • Mineral Property Valuation, or What Number Did You Have in Mind?' Go to Paper
  • Styles of High-Sulphidation Gold, Silver and Copper Mineralisation in Porphyry and Epithermal Environments Go to Paper
  • The Impact of Politics, Economics and Local Legislation on Exploration and Mining in Pacrim Countries Go to Paper
  • Far Southeast-Lepanto Porphyry-Epithermal Cu-Au Deposits, Philippines: Coupled Hydrothermal Processes Between the Porphyry and High-Sulphidation Environments Go to Paper
  • Discovery of the High-Grade Gold Link Zone at Wafi, PNG Go to Paper
  • The Victoria Gold Deposit in the Mankayan Mineral District, Luzon, Philippines Go to Paper
  • Characteristics, Timing and Formation of Diatreme Breccias at the Kelian Gold Deposit, East Kalimantan, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • New Mineralisation and Alteration Styles at the Porgera Gold Deposit, Papua New Guinea Go to Paper
  • Deep Sea Tailing Placement - Water Quality Impacts Go to Paper
  • Inpit Tailings Disposal, Marymia Gold Operation: Case History Go to Paper
  • Feasibility Studies, EPCM and the Environment - Case Studies in Integrated Mine Development Go to Paper
  • The Phytoremediation and Phytomining of Heavy Metals Go to Paper
  • Classification and Control of Hazards in Underground Mines in Poland Go to Paper
  • The Effects of Sulphur Dioxide on the Energy Consumption and the Nature of Electrowon Copper Go to Paper
  • Petrographic and Mineralogical Factors Affecting Gold Recovery at Macraes Flat, Eastern Otago, New Zealand Go to Paper
  • Liner Design for Improved SAG Mill Performance Go to Paper
  • A Review of Gold Mineralisation and Processing in the Southwest Pacific Rim Go to Paper
  • Geology of the Gosowong Epithermal Gold Deposit, Halmahera, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Exploration and Mineral Discoveries in Peru Go to Paper
  • Discovery and Evaluation of the Weda Bay Nickel/Cobalt Deposits Central Halmahera, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Exploration Discoveries in Chile: The Last Three Decades Go to Paper
  • Evolution of Selected Porphyry Copper-Gold Systems in the Southwest Pacific Region and its Relevance to Exploration Go to Paper
  • Geology of the Chatree Epithermal Gold Deposit, Thailand Go to Paper
  • Syntectonic Base-Metal Mineralisation with an Epithermal Gold Overprint: McKinnons Gold Deposit, Cobar, NSW, Australia Go to Paper
  • VHMS Mineralisation in NW Papua New Guinea Go to Paper
  • Base Metal Skarn Deposits of South Korea Go to Paper
  • Textural Characteristics of Porphyritic Intrusions Related to Cu-Au Mineralisation in the Endeavour 26 North and Endeavour 27 Deposits, Goonumbla, NSW, Australia Go to Paper
  • Supergene Enrichment of the Khanong Copper Resource, Sepon Project, Lao PDR Go to Paper
  • Metallogeny of the Northeastern Pacific Rim: An Example of the Distribution of Ore Deposits Along a Growing Continental Margin Go to Paper
  • Gold Metallogeny of North-East Asia Go to Paper
  • Geological Settings of Gold Districts in Myanmar Go to Paper
  • The Geology and Metallogeny of Central North Sulawesi Go to Paper
  • The Location and Extent of Volcanic Massive Sulphide and Manto-Type Copper Deposits in the Cretaceous Volcanic Arcs in the Peruvian Andes Go to Paper
  • The Managalase Volcanic Field and Associated Mineral Occurrences, Papua New Guinea Go to Paper
  • Tectonics and Gold Mineralisation in East China Go to Paper
  • Auriferous Paleozoic Accretionary Terranes Within the Mongol - Okhotsk Suture Zone, Russian Far East Go to Paper
  • Tectonic Controls of Geochemical Evolution in Arc Magmatism of SE Asia Go to Paper
  • Integrated Resource Asset Management - A Holistic Approach to Information Technology in Mining Operations Go to Paper
  • Grade Control: How Much Money Do You Want to Lose? Go to Paper
  • Contract Mining Lihir Gold Mine Go to Paper
  • Productivity Improvement Without Capital Expenditure - Optimising Machine and Labour Utilisation Go to Paper
  • Modelling of Multiple Narrow Veins from Geology to Mining - the Tasmania Reef, Beaconsfield, Tasmania Go to Paper
  • Gold Grade Distribution and Estimation in Narrow Vein Systems Go to Paper
  • Characterisation of Ore Types and Beneficiation Behaviour Using Normative Minerals Go to Paper
  • Common Sense and Good Communication in Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve Estimation Go to Paper
  • Yanacocha Gold District, Northern Peru Go to Paper
  • Settings and Styles of High-Sulphidation Gold Deposits in the Cajamarca Region, Northern Per Go to Paper
  • High and Low Sulphidation Epithermal Gold Mineralisation in South Korea Go to Paper
  • Nena High Sulphidation-Type Deposit, Frieda River, PNG: Host-Rock Types, Hydrothermal Alteration and Copper-Gold Mineralisation Go to Paper
  • Relationships of Intrusion, Wall-Rock Alteration and Mineralisation in the Batu Hijau Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit Go to Paper
  • Progress in Understanding and Developing the Kucing Liar Orebody, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Geology, Mineralisation and Genesis of the Alkaline Dinkidi Cu-Au Porphyry, North Luzon, Philippines Go to Paper
  • Geology, Alteration and Mineralisation of the Tampakan Copper Deposit Go to Paper
  • Intrusion-Alteration-Mineralisation Relationships in the Frieda River Igneous Complex, PNG Go to Paper
  • Geology of the Deep Ore Zone, Ertsberg East Skarn System, Irian Jaya Go to Paper
  • The Discovery of the Wabu Ridge Gold Skarn, Irian Jaya, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Risk and Alternate Dispute Resolution Options for Mining Companies Operating in South East Asia (Including a Case Study) Go to Paper
  • The Approval of a Gold Mine in the Solomon Islands - Environmental Planning Issues Go to Paper
  • When Organisations Fail: New Thinking on Disasters Go to Paper
  • General Safety Inductions for the Mining Industry Go to Paper
  • Mining and Sustainability - Placer Niugini Limited Go to Paper
  • Regional Mineral Potential Assessments for Land Use Planning - GIS-Based Examples from Eastern Australia Go to Paper
  • Permitting, Construction and Commissioning of the Gosowong Gold Mine, Halmahera, Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Mineral Taxation Policies and Practices Around the Pacific Rim Go to Paper
  • The Geological Setting of Indonesian Coal Deposits Go to Paper
  • Crisis or Opportunity - Strategy and Area Selection Methodology in Developing Countries Go to Paper
  • Ore Genesis in Fracture-Controlled Hydrothermal Systems: Percolation Theory Approaches Go to Paper
  • Peperite, Pumice and Perlite in Submarine Volcanic Successions: Implications for VHMS Mineralisation Go to Paper
  • Ore Shoot Targeting by Recognition of Upflow and Outflow, Low Sulphidation Epithermal Gold Deposits Go to Paper
  • Stable Isotopes and Ore Fluid Chemistry of Gold Mineralisation at Waitangi Deposit, Thames District, Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand Go to Paper
  • New Technology for Management and Security of Exploration and Mining Information Go to Paper
  • Polar Zoning in Geochemical Ore Systems Based on Examples From the Pacific Rim Deposit Go to Paper
  • Geophysical Methods Over Pacific Rim Deposits Go to Paper
  • Rapid Alteration Mapping Using Field Portable Infrared Spectrometers Go to Paper
  • Gold Deposits of the Russian North East (The Northern Circum Pacific): Metallogenic Overview Go to Paper
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Approved activity
  • Published: 1998
  • Unique ID: PA-199904

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