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Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2016

Conference Proceedings

Project Evaluation 2016

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Project Evaluation 2016 was the fourth in a series of conferences that provide a professional forum for personnel responsible for undertaking valuations of mineral properties and projects, and those who rely on them for financial decision-making. The theme for this conference, 'Good Practice and Communication', was selected with the intent of stimulating discussion around the importance of good practice to decision makers as either developers of, or investors in, mineral projects.

Papers in collection

  • Transcending the Mining Discipline Divide - Multidisciplinary, Interdisciplinary or Transdisciplinary? Go to Paper
  • Project Evaluation - A Non-Executive Director's Perspective Go to Paper
  • Making Studies Work - Organisation, Communication and Management Go to Paper
  • Project Evaluation and Valuation - An Investor's Golden Rule Go to Paper
  • Building and Maintaining Effective Project Teams Go to Paper
  • Leadership in Projects - A Recipe for Success Go to Paper
  • Optimising Underground Mining Strategies Go to Paper
  • Managing Expectations - From Buyer Beware to Buyer Be Aware Go to Paper
  • Are Your Megaproject Schedules and Costs Under - or Out of - Control? Go to Paper
  • Jaguar Base Metals Project Case Study - HasReality Reflected the Study? Go to Paper
  • Stockman Base Metals Project - Sustainability, Social Licence to Operate and Permitting Lessons Learnt Go to Paper
  • The VALMIN Code and Tenure Compliance - Not Just a List Go to Paper
  • The Pre-Feasibility Study - Big Choices, Little Time Go to Paper
  • The Use and Abuse of Feasibility Studies - Has Anything Changed? Go to Paper
  • Metal Prices and the Differences between Forward and Consensus Pricing - Which One is Better for Use in a Discounted Cash Flow Model? Go to Paper
  • Teach Yourself Economic Evaluation Go to Paper
  • Financial Modelling with the Auditor in Mind Go to Paper
  • Correlated Valuation Methodology Go to Paper
  • Production Variance Benchmarks and Their Use in Project Evaluation and Due Diligence Go to Paper
  • Strategic Decision-making in Mining - Business Optimisation Using Flexible Evaluation Models Go to Paper
  • Influence of Cognitive Biases on Project Evaluation Go to Paper
  • Negatively Geared Ore Reserves - A Major Peril of the Break-even Cut-off Grade Go to Paper
  • The Role of Benchmarking and Independent Reviews Go to Paper
  • A Framework for Presenting and Benchmarking Resource Projects Go to Paper
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  • Published: 2015
  • Unique ID: PA-201601

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