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Conference Proceedings

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2013

Conference Proceedings

The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2013

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The Australian Mine Ventilation 2013 Conference, held in
Adelaide, was hosted by the University of New South Wales, The Australasian
Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM) and the Mine Ventilation Society
of Australia. Papers presented at the conference focused on informing the
industry of views and opinions on technical aspects of mine ventilation and
provided a forum to air technical and factual information within the minerals
industry. It brought operators, planning personnel, equipment manufacturers and
suppliers, government regulators, consultants, researchers and technology
personnel together, allowing them to explore achievements and build a better

Papers in collection

  • Ventilation Challenges Facing the Metalliferous Sector Go to Paper
  • The Rationale for use of Three Heading Gate Roads in Australian Underground Coal Mines Go to Paper
  • Past Achievements and Future Challenges in the Underground Coal Sector Go to Paper
  • A Scoping Study on Fibre Optic-Based Temperature Monitoring of Underground Coal Conveyor Belts Go to Paper
  • Operational Management of Underground In-Seam Drilling Sites Go to Paper
  • An Analysis of the Mixing of Air and Methane in the Stream Produced by the Mine Injector Station - Presenting Preliminary Results of Measurements and Modelling Go to Paper
  • Underground Auxiliary Ventilation Monitoring and Diagnostic System Go to Paper
  • Practical Considerations when using Auxiliary Axial Flow Fans as a Primary Mine Fan Go to Paper
  • A Critique of the Push-Pull Hybrid Ventilation System Go to Paper
  • Life-of-Mine Ventilation System Upgrade at Springvale Colliery - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • Review of Australian Longwall Panel Ventilation Practices Go to Paper
  • Ventilation Upgrade at the Frog's Leg Mine - Case Study Go to Paper
  • Determining the Pressure Pulse for an Air Blast Go to Paper
  • Sunrise Dam Short- to Long-Term Ventilation Planning Go to Paper
  • Excavating an Underground Primary Fan Chamber that is Adjacent to a Fully Operational Primary Fan in PT Freeport Indonesia's Grasberg Block Cave Mine Go to Paper
  • Life-of-Mine Ventilation and Refrigeration Planning for Resolution Copper Mine Go to Paper
  • Performance and Acceptance Testing of Main Mine Ventilation Fans Go to Paper
  • A Review of ISO 5802:2001 Industrial Fans - Performance Testing In Situ Go to Paper
  • Removing some Subjectivity from Traditional BS 848 and ISO 5802 In Situ Fan Flow Tests Go to Paper
  • Cybulski Revisited - Lessons on Dust Go to Paper
  • The Protection of Surface Ventilation Fan Installations from Underground Explosions Go to Paper
  • After Blast Re-Entry Time for a Room and Pillar Operation Go to Paper
  • Reduction in Diesel Particulate Matter at Oaky North Go to Paper
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Respirable Dust and Gas Behaviour on a Longwall Face Go to Paper
  • Ventilation Considerations for the New Level Mine Project Access Tunnels Go to Paper
  • Contract Considerations and Other Critical Ventilation Aspects in Achieving a New Mine Ramp Up Go to Paper
  • Ventilation Requirement for Electric' Underground Hard Rock Mines - A Conceptual Study Go to Paper
  • Cooling Pathways for Deep Australian Longwall Coal Mines of the Future Go to Paper
  • Controlled Recirculation and Refrigeration at Vale's Taquari Potash Mine Go to Paper
  • Required Cooling System Capacities for Extended Longwall Panels at a Bowen Basin Mine Go to Paper
  • The Influence of Inertisation Techniques on Gas Interpretation Go to Paper
  • Fire Modelling in Underground Mines using Ventsim Visual VentFIRE Software Go to Paper
  • Gas Analysis - Linking the Laboratory with Reality Go to Paper
  • Fire Safety Engineering Applied to Underground Coal Mining Go to Paper
  • Application of Leading Practice Spontaneous Combustion Assessment to Exploration at the Doyles Creek Project Go to Paper
  • Non-Destructive Testing of In Situ Underground Mine Seals - Initial Technology Assessment Go to Paper
  • A Case for Change - Defining Mine Sealing and Understanding Flammable Mixtures During Sealing Go to Paper
  • Belt Road Segregation and Escapeways - Compliance or Risk Management? Go to Paper
  • The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2013 HC
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