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Conference Proceedings

Water in Mining 2006

Conference Proceedings

Water in Mining 2006

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Tailings Dewatering, Dry Screening and Water Clarification for Reduced Water Usage

Substantial efforts by the industry, as well as by process and equipment designers, have resulted in many innovative developments that provide cost effective reductions in water usage. This paper showcases four emerging best practices in industry including examples of recent installations._x000D_
Belt press filters are a small fraction of the operating and capital cost of alternative dry' tailings technologies. This gives operators who must dry' their tailings a competitive advantage and makes such operations much more sustainable. The new generation of belt filter presses use less energy, produces lower cake moistures and better disposal stacking properties. The need for tailings storage facilities may be eliminated or in some cases high-grade tailings can be dewatered and sold as a low value product. Mining applications include sand tailings, sinter plant waste, coal tailings and power station fly ash._x000D_
Flip-flow screening machines are proven worldwide in the dry classification of coal and other minerals, reducing the size of beneficiation plants, whilst reducing energy, water demand and media consumption. They also allow the screening of wet/sticky materials not able to be sized using conventional screens._x000D_
Lamella separators are used for toxic water clarification and/or sludge thickening in many downstream metal industries with the underflow often dewatered in a belt filter press. Such low cost, high capacity thickeners could also be used instead of conventional thickeners at smaller mines._x000D_
The simple and reliable continuous washing upward flow (CWUF) sand filters have been used for treatment of waste water from coal preparation plants and steel works as well as in the production of potable water. The filtered waste water from mining processes can then either be reused or discharged from site. Other installations include cleaning mine water to prevent the blocking of dust suppression spray nozzles._x000D_
FORMAL CITATION:Mathewson, D, Norris, R and Dunne, M, 2006._x000D_
Tailings dewatering, dry screening and water clarification for reduced water usage, in Proceedings Water in Mining 2006, pp 315-322 (The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy: Melbourne).
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  • Tailings Dewatering, Dry Screening and Water Clarification for Reduced Water Usage
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  • Tailings Dewatering, Dry Screening and Water Clarification for Reduced Water Usage
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