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Conference Proceedings

Water in Mining 2006

Conference Proceedings

Water in Mining 2006

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Water in Mining 2006 was the second AusIMM conference dedicated solely to
water issues affecting mining and minerals processing. The theme of the 2006
Conference was Multiple Values of Water'. This provided an opportunity for the
minerals industry to write papers across the spectrum of water management from
the technical, eg dewatering, evaporation control and minerals processing, to
policy (corporate, government and industry-wide) and onto the more abstract and
slippery concepts of the way water might be valued in terms of sustainable
development. A strong thread that emerged in the papers is the importance of
people and partnerships which weaves though policy and case studies and is
clearly international in its extent.

Papers in collection

  • Valuing Mine Water - A South African Perspective Go to Paper
  • The Water Footprint of Mining Operations in Space and Time - A New Paradigm for Sustainability Assessments? Go to Paper
  • The Wellington Dam Catchment - A Water in Mining Case Study Go to Paper
  • The Challenges for Mining Posed by Emerging Water Protection Legislation in Former Soviet Union Countries Go to Paper
  • Improving Raw Water Use Efficiency at Endeavor Mine, Cobar - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • The Importance of Water in the Gladstone Industrial Area Go to Paper
  • Water Management at Capcoal Mine - Past, Present and Future Drivers for Sustainable Change Go to Paper
  • Collective Mine Water Reclamation and Reuse - Upper Olifants River Catchment Go to Paper
  • Enhancing Water Efficiency Through Regional Cooperation - The Case of Kwinana Go to Paper
  • Trading Water Access Entitlements in Queensland Go to Paper
  • Beyond NPV - A Review of Valuation Methodologies and Their Applicability to Water in Mining Go to Paper
  • The Invisible Mine - Zero Environmental Water Impacts Go to Paper
  • Linking the Values of Water to Sustainability Go to Paper
  • The Role of Government Owned Corporations in Developing New Water Infrastructure Go to Paper
  • Modelling Demand for Water in the Mineral Extraction and Processing Industry - How Useful is the Theory? Go to Paper
  • The Value of Water to Rio Tinto Go to Paper
  • Adoption of an Integrated Mine Water Management Approach Provides Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits Go to Paper
  • Like Liquid Gold - Towards a Resource Industry Position on Water Go to Paper
  • An Occupational Health and Safety Perspective on the Water Systems in Mining Go to Paper
  • Water, Communities and Mineral Resource Development - Understanding the Risks and Opportunities Go to Paper
  • Regulation of Overland Flow in Queensland - Implications for the Mining Industry Go to Paper
  • The Queensland Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Plan Go to Paper
  • Overview of the Water Provisions in Queensland's Petroleum Legislation Go to Paper
  • A Sustainable Mine Water Treatment Initiative to Provide Potable Water for a South African City - A Public-Private Partnership Go to Paper
  • Mining for Water - Partnering for Sustainable Water Use in Semi-Arid Regions Go to Paper
  • The Collie River Diversion and Salinity Recovery Project - A Case Study in Competing Values in a Competing Environment Go to Paper
  • Examples of Groundwater Sustainability Issues in Mining Go to Paper
  • Systems Modelling for Water Management in Mining and Minerals - Bowen Basin Coal Go to Paper
  • Conjunctive Use of Water Supply Modelling in the Evaluation of Future Performance of a Planned Off-Stream Storage for the North Bowen Coal Basin Go to Paper
  • Post Closure Management of the Mt Leyshon Gold Mine - Water the Integrator Go to Paper
  • The True Values and Uses of Coal Seam Gas Water Go to Paper
  • Integrated Approach to Mine Groundwater Assessment Go to Paper
  • Integration of Mine Planning with Groundwater Modelling to Optimise Mine Closure Plans at the Marillana Creek (Yandi) Mine Go to Paper
  • Selecting Suitable Methods for Treating Mining Effluents Go to Paper
  • A Systematic Approach to Water Quality Management in the Minerals Processing Industry Go to Paper
  • Water Use in the Mining Industry - Threats and Opportunities Go to Paper
  • Water Treatment Options - The Mining Application, Processes and Case Studies Go to Paper
  • Quantification of Mine-Related Effects on Streamflows Go to Paper
  • Tailings Dewatering, Dry Screening and Water Clarification for Reduced Water Usage Go to Paper
  • Pit Lake Sustainability - What Is It, and How Do I Get It? Go to Paper
  • Sustainable Water Use in Minerals and Metal Production Go to Paper
  • Dealing with Water Issues in Abandoned Metalliferous Mine Reclamation in the United Kingdom Go to Paper
  • Open Cut Mining Adjacent to Ephemeral Creek and Spring Systems - Pilbara, Western Australia Go to Paper
  • Water Issues in DOZ Block Cave Mine, PT Freeport Indonesia Go to Paper
  • Rio Tinto Floating Module Go to Paper
  • Technology Advances in Mine Water Treatment in Southern Africa Over 20 Years Go to Paper
  • A Numerical Model to Simulate the Effectiveness of Remedial Measures Aimed at Reducing Acidity and Metal Concentrations in the Ngakawau River and its Tributaries Near Stockton Coal Mine, West Coast, New Zealand Go to Paper
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  • Published: 2005
  • Unique ID: PA-200610

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