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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

AusIMM’s Code of Ethics aims to ensure AusIMM members uphold and enhance their profession in the global mining community. We promote the highest professional and ethical standards of our members across all areas of professional practice with a strong focus on ethics and application of professional codes.

The AusIMM By-Laws detail how all members are bound by the Code of Ethics and in certain capacities bound by the JORC Code and the VALMIN Code in addition to any other Board approved codes, regulations, or directives. These codes serve to protect communities, members and the profession and provide professional reporting and valuation systems that give the community and particularly financial markets confidence in our sector.

Our members make a commitment to the principles set out in the Code of Ethics and reconfirm that commitment each year when renewing their membership subscription. Members should familiarise themselves with the Code of Ethics and any other codes relevant to their profession, as there is an obligation to ensure codes are properly observed by colleagues to retain and build on trust and the positive reputation we have as a collective of industry professionals.


Professional Conduct and Ethics Committees

All members of the AusIMM must comply at all times with the Institute’s Charter, By-Laws, Code of Ethics, regulations and any professional codes adopted by the AusIMM Board (‘the Board’). Compliance is monitored and enforced through the AusIMM Professional Standards Compliance Process (PSCP), the purpose of which is to uphold professional standards for the benefit of the community, resource professionals, and members.

The Professional Conduct and Ethics Committees, established in accordance with the Professional Conduct Regulations, monitor administration of the PSCP which ensures that members are accountable for any breach of the By-Laws, regulations, the Code of Ethics and the professional codes.

An in-depth explanation of the compliance process is available in a guide to AusIMM members' obligations document.

Complaints should be lodged using the complaints form and emailed to Any questions or queries concerning the PSCP can be submitted via email to this address.

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics (Mandarin)

Professional Conduct Regulations 2023

Complaints and Appeals

Complaints form

Complaint appeal form

Codes and standards

The JORC Code and VALMIN Code are two professional codes that many mining professionals are obliged to uphold.

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