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Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

The Council for Diversity and Inclusion was established to recognise the importance in creating equal opportunity by welcoming and advancing the careers of a diverse range of professionals in the mining industry.

The Council consists of AusIMM members and industry, who represent a cross-section of the resources sector.

The Council is an advisory body whose purpose is to advise the AusIMM Board on the advancement of diversity and inclusion for the benefit of AusIMM and the global community. They work to:

AusIMM Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Strategy

We have a diversity and inclusion plan which builds on the progress already made and details how AusIMM and professionals can nurture a culture that will develop a truly diverse and inclusive industry.

AusIMM is committed to paving the way towards creating a more diverse and inclusive resources sector through:

  1. Better representation of diversity in our member base
  2. Creation of a safe and welcome environment for professionals of all backgrounds to be involved in the industry through AusIMM, and
  3. Improvements in the perception of the resources sector as a highly inclusive industry which will simultaneously have a positive influence on the attraction of talent into our sector.

You can learn more about our role in championing diversity, inclusion and opportunity for all people pursuing careers in resources by reading our Leadership Statement.

Council members

Katrina Crook

Council Chair
Rio Tinto

Stephen Durkin

Chief Executive Officer

Colleen Devine

Rio Tinto

Kate Hobbs

Oz Minerals

Gabrielle Iwanow

Oz Minerals

Phillip Griffiths

Mining Plus

Roger Higgins

Minotaur Explorations

Giulia Savio

Diversity and Organisational Effectiveness, St Barbara
Group Manager

Bob Vassie

Former Chief Executive Officer
St Barbara

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