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Top AusIMM Bulletin reads of 2023

AusIMM Bulletin
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Check out our top reads published in 2023, covering a range of topics including improving efficiency, shifts in mineral processing, the future of mineral resource estimation and more.


Five key levers to improve margins and beat the cost-price squeeze


The resources sector is facing rising costs, lower commodity prices and tighter margins. Andrew Hall FAusIMM(CP) explores five key performance levers that can help mining leaders uncover hidden value.


Is the ‘green transition’ changing minerals processing in Australia?


Jennifer Agnew MAusIMM explores how the energy transition is increasing demand for minerals and metals used in renewable energy technologies, and lists some related key processing trends shaping the sector.


The future of mineral resource estimation: expert Q&A


Read this insightful interview with Rene Sterk FAusIMM(CP) and Scott Dunham FAusIMM to learn about key trends in this critical area of practice.


Project and Operational ESG


The term 'Environment, Social and Governance' (ESG) is pervasive in business and financial commentary. Bruce Harvey FAusIMM provides an overview of what 'Operational' ESG is, why it is of value to the resources sector, and how it aligns with current management approaches.


Enhancing recovery of valuable minerals from low-grade ores and tailings using the reflux classifier concentrator


The sector faces a challenge of needing to process lower-grade ores and tailings. Nicolas Boonzaier presents a detailed case study on new technology that is designed to recover valuable minerals from low-grade resources.


Which regions are the most attractive for mining investment?


Julio Mejía and Elmira Aliakbari report on how an annual survey reveals Australia has again polled strongly in the global landscape for mining investment. The survey provides insight into trends shaping the global sector and how these impact investment decisions.


Introducing our 2023 Education Endowment Fund Scholarship recipients


The core theme of the EEF program is to identify future industry leaders among AusIMM’s student members and ensure they are offered meaningful opportunities to develop professionally. Read more about this year's outstanding cohort of successful applicants.

Mineral Resource estimation of rare earth elements



JORC Code compliant Mineral Resource estimation of rare earth elements follows similar criteria for other commodities like precious metals. Here are some key factors and considerations when conducting an estimation.

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