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Mining career pathways

Mining career pathways

Career pathways

Are you interested in a career in the mining industry but you’re not sure which role is right for you? Our career guides can help. They outline the various roles available and include profiles of real people working in the industry to help you decide.

The mining industry employs a wide range of professionals that work across the entire mine life cycle. From geologists who locate new deposits, to the mining engineers who extract the ore and the metallurgists who process it, right through to environmental professionals who manage the effect on the natural environment and safety and health professionals ensuring operations run smoothly.

Explore the different career paths available and find out more about what each profession entails. You’re sure to find a role that is right for you.

Environmental management


Geotechnical engineering

Mining management


Mining engineering

Mining health and safety

Social performance

Technology and innovation

Career development

Find out about career development opportunities in resources sector

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