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Technology and innovation

Technology and innovation

Cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas are central to modern mining. In the 21st century resources sector, people working in mining are working in the fields of automation, robotics, big data, artificial intelligence and more.

Many digitally-focused mining roles are based in technology hubs in major cities, providing a point of difference from many traditional mining careers that may be focused on fly in, fly out work in remote areas.

Role types
  • Digital specialist: Help mining operations undergo digital transformations to integrate new technologies into mining operations and improve efficiency and safety.
  • Data analyst/scientist: Collect and interpret data generated from mining operations to obtain real-time insights and make improvements to efficiency and safety.
  • Software developer: Develop specific software for mining companies or operations that address unique requirements and provide better insights for front-line workers and managers.
  • Autonomous or remote systems operator: Oversee and guide a range of autonomous and/or remotely controlled systems, ranging from driverless haul trucks to drones and drill rigs.
Future roles

New technology is being implemented in mining all the time, and the opportunities are set to expand as more and more roles become digitally-focused. Not only is this creating new roles, but existing traditional roles such as geoscientists or mining engineers are increasingly finding new ways of working and integrating new technology into their day-to-day work.


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