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Social performance

Social performance

Social performance professionals are responsible for a wide range of community and stakeholder engagement activities.
Key tasks
  • Coordinate social research and planning to improve the social performance of minerals enterprises
  • Develop and implement plans for local economic development, cultural heritage management and resettlement
  • Negotiate agreements between land-connected people and mineral project proponents
  • Engage with local communities to gather feedback about enterprise activities and their impact
  • Compile data to prepare management plans that mitigate risks to communities and other stakeholders
  • Develop and lead social impact, risk, due diligence, project gateway and other assurance activities
Skills and attributes
  • Highly developed communication skills
  • Understanding and sensitivity towards cultural issues
  • Working as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Project management
  • Sort and compile information from a variety of sources
A typical day
  • Social performance professionals may spend their day in an office, or work on site with other mining professionals to gain an understanding of the operation and its surrounding stakeholders.
Role types
  • Community Relations Professional: Work with people, governments and media in communities close to mining operations to understand the impact of mining activities.
  • Social Performance/Development Specialist: Use social science methods to compile robust data regarding environmental and social impacts and prepare management plans mitigating risks.
  • Other Specialised Areas: Interactions between minerals enterprises and affected communities can involve highly complex issues requiring specialist advice in areas such as:
    • Land access protocols and agreements
    • Regional economic conditions and activities
    • Cultural identity and heritage protection
    • Human rights
    • Conflict management
    • Community health and education
    • Population resettlement and in-migration.
Nature of work
  • Social performance professionals operate in a variety of settings, from office-based work to long periods of field work in remote locations
  • Travel is likely, especially in new projects where professionals may spend extended periods of time in interesting places around the world.


Just as geological resources are unique and complex, so is each social context. I get to influence how major resource projects are managed throughout their lifecycle (exploration, development, operations, closure) in their unique social setting.

Geoff Deans MAusIMM

Group Manager Social Performance, OZ Minerals

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