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Thought Leadership Series 2022

Indigenous participation

Thought Leadership Series 2022

Indigenous participation

Webinar 1

Advancing First Nations professionals for the benefit of the resources sector and the community

In the first webinar of the Series, we discussed recognising First Nations peoples’ skills and strengths, building early and lasting relationships, and better understanding and investing in a range of business models. 


Dr Michelle Evans

Webinar 1 - Indigenous Participation
Associate Professor
University of Melbourne

Kia Dowell

Webinar 1 - Indigenous Participation
Gelganyem Limited

Leslie Delaforce

Webinar 1 - Indigenous Participation
Indigenous Entrepreneurship Director
Minderoo Foundation

Russell Reid

Webinar 1 - Indigenous Participation
National RAP Lead and Senior Aboriginal Affairs and Participation Consultant

Sorrell Ashby

Webinar 1 - Indigenous Participation
Founder and Managing Director

Other webinars in the Series

Diversity and Inclusion

28 July 2023

An evolving sector needs innovative and diverse thought to overcome future challenges

Critical Minerals

8 September 2023

Demand is undeniable but how can the industry sustainably accelerate the supply?

Circular Economy

3 November 2023

The rise of Circular Economy, does the sector understand it, what are the enablers and is your business equipped to maximise the opportunity?

Critical minerals

Securing Australia’s competitive advantage to meet the world’s critical minerals needs Webinar 5

The header image on this page is the artwork "Reflective Connectedness" by Sarah Richards.

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