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Advance your career in mining operations

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Advance your career in mining operations

Sign up to receive mining operations related professional development opportunities

Looking to advance your career in mining operations?

AusIMM offers world class technical mining conferences, online courses, publications, webinars and interesting articles across mining operations related topics to help you build your capabilities and reach your career goals.
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6 ways to build your capabilities

1. Underground Operators Conference 2025

AusIMM's flagship event is coming to Adelaide in April 2025. The superior technical program will review the latest technologies, emerging innovations and leading best practice examples in underground operations. 

2. Critical Minerals Conference 2024

This important conference in August will bring together global experts to review the critical mineral value chain as the world rapidly moves towards a greener, more sustainable future and demand rises for Australia's critical minerals. 

3. JORC Code Reporting | Professional Certificate

This 8-week online course is designed for resources professionals responsible for reporting in accordance with the JORC Code. Learn how to appropriately apply the JORC Code to the reporting environment under the ASX and ASIC.

4. International Mine Ventilation Congress 2024

Being held in August, this conference reviews the advancing technologies and new developments in mine ventilation with the objective to improve and refine ventilation, refrigeration, cooling and health and safety in mines.

5. Study Processes for Resource Projects | Short Course

Explore the multi-disciplinary components of studies in this 5-week online course. Gain an in-depth understanding of the stages in a project development study process – from scoping through to front-end engineering and design.

6. VALMIN Code Reporting | Short Course

Learn the fundamentals of appropriate Public Reporting of the VALMIN Code with our 5-week online course. Designed for those working on the evaluation of mining and exploration assets, and who are responsible for Public Reports.  

Advance your career in mining operations

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  More great mining operations resources

Monograph 28 - Australasian Mining and Metallurgical Operating Practices

The third edition of this publication provides an invaluable technical reference of Australasian operating practices. With 186 papers covering 218 significant mining and processing operations in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Monograph 27 - Cost Estimation Handbook

One of AusIMM's most popular publications, the second edition of the Cost Estimation Handbook sets out useful techniques for capital and operating cost estimation in the minerals industry.

Cut-off Grades and Optimising the Strategic Mine Plan

An in-depth look at an integral part of mining strategy optimisation - cut-off specification. The publication covers simple concepts along with the more complex and comprehensive models of cut-off theory and evaluation practices.

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