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Get a job in the mining industry

Get a job in the mining industry

The mining industry is a vibrant and dynamic sector that plays an important role in the Australian economy.

There are more than 100,000 people working in the Australian mining industry. If you would like to be one of them, there are many different pathways to pursue.

Useful tips

  • Study an undergraduate or postgraduate course: Check out our recognised courses list to find out about tertiary mining courses.
  • Apply your trade skills: There are many roles for trades people in the mining and resources sector for varying skill levels and easily transferable to the mining sector.
  • Tap into your transferable skills: Skills and qualifications in complementary industries such as construction and infrastructure can allow you to make a sidestep into mining.
  • Go where the jobs are: Consider moving to a regional mining centre such as Kalgoorlie in Western Australia or the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.
  • Research and reach out: Check out mining company websites for vacant positions and contact recruitment companies that specialise in the mining sector.
  • Get your foot in the door: Consider starting as support team member (e.g. maintenance, labourer, trades assistant, field assistant) to get a feel for the industry.
  • Get certified: Obtain required licenses and certifications such as ‘working in confined spaces’, ‘standard 11 mining induction’ or truck licenses.
  • Be visible: Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and connect with those in the industry. Attend industry conferences and events to increase your knowledge and network.


How can I find out what jobs are available?

  • Your university: Most university departments have industry contacts and may be notified when companies are looking for graduates. Find out when and where your department advertises these positions, e.g on a university job board, career fair, industry night.
  • Company websites: Most mining companies advertise vacancies on their website so keep an eye on these and subscribe to any newsletter or distribution list where career announcements are made.
  • Online job listings: Some employers go through recruitment agencies and they in turn often advertise through online job listings.
  • Networking: Take up opportunities to network with industry – attend events and talk to people! Not all work is advertised. Let it be known to all your friends, family, former/current work colleagues, university staff members and anyone else you can think of, that you are looking for work.
  • Approach companies directly: Approaching an employer directly can generate work opportunities for you but you must go in prepared to make a positive impression.

How can I stand out from the crowd?

  • Get work experience: Take up opportunities to gain experience while you are studying. Some companies offer vacation work which is a great way to experience the mining industry and to build on your employability skills.
  • Apply for Graduate Programs: With limited places available, entry to a Graduate Program is competitive. Do your research, get in early and submit a clear, concise CV.
  • Network: AusIMM Student Chapters hold networking events throughout the year where you get to talk one-on-one with representatives from companies.
  • Get involved. Join a committee running Student Chapter events and participate in AusIMM Branch activities to meet AusIMM members who can refer you to employers.
  • Apply for scholarships: Being awarded a scholarship from AusIMM, your university or a mining company may increase your employability. Often companies that donate to scholarship funds take an active interest in recipients of those scholarships.
  • Join a mentoring program: Gain career advice and support from a sector leader and learn from a mentor who is invested in your professional growth.
  • Be open to trying new things: Consider taking on a more junior role, or one that is slightly different to what you had planned. Sometimes all you need is a foot in the door and you can then set new goals for your career progression.
  • Consider an Honours or Masters degree: Show your passion for your chosen career by completing an Honours or Master degree. Employees may look more favourably on these qualifications – especially if they have particular relevance to one of their projects.

What can AusIMM offer?

AusIMM Student Chapters

Joining a local student chapter offers excellent networking opportunities.

Mining career pathways

Explore the different pathways to have a longstanding career in the resources industry.

AusIMM Mentoring Program

Gain career advice and support from a sector leader and learn from a mentor who is invested in your professional growth.

Scholarships and prizes

An exciting range of scholarships and prizes are on offer annually.

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