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Accelerate your career

How to progress in your mining industry role

Accelerate your career

How to progress in your mining industry role
AusIMM offers a range of professional development and networking opportunities to help you accelerate your mining career and achieve your career goals. There's also great tips to help you get a promotion or change your career direction within the resources sector.

Associate membership

Become an AusIMM Associate member to access member rates for conferences and courses, receive free access to OneMine Library and be part of a supportive professional community.

Technical conferences

AusIMM delivers world class technical conferences covering all mining disciplines. Expand your knowledge, network with experts and peers, see the latest innovations and even present a paper at our hybrid conferences.

Online courses

AusIMM offers globally recognised mining courses focusing on technical best practice. Participate in a professional certificate or short course to upskill your knowledge and develop skills to advance your career.

Mentoring program

AusIMM's mentoring program is a great way to receive career advice and support from an industry leader, broaden your thinking and expand your industry network.

Digital library

Tap into AusIMM’s vast digital library of technical publications, videos, webinars and conference proceedings covering all topics in mining and mineral processing.

AusIMM’s Chartered Professionals program

This professionally credentialed program provides multi-disciplinary assessment and recognition of resources sector professionals.

Communities of Interest

Become part of an AusIMM society or local branch group or even take on a volunteer leadership role. Enjoy networking and sharing knowledge with other professionals sharing common interests.

Present a technical paper

Showcase your expertise and grow your professional profile in the industry by presenting a paper at an AusIMM technical conference. Contribute to your discipline and help advance the resources sector.

Reach your career goals with AusIMM

Become an AusIMM member today. You can also sign up for our Professional Development e-newsletter.

Useful tips to get a promotion

  • Talk to your boss: Let your boss know that you would like a promotion. Don’t demand one or act as though you’re entitled to one. Be practical and ask what steps you need to take. Create a plan and start working towards it.
  • Show how valuable you are: Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Show your boss and your team what you’ve accomplished. Be proud of your work. Show how your achievements can make processes easier.
  • Be a team player: Maintain a good working relationship with your team. Be positive and listen to what others have to say. Offer to help if a team member is struggling with their workload.
  • Upskilling: You may need to upskill to secure a promotion. This might be through a short course or webinar, or maybe a TAFE or university qualification. Ask your boss if your organisation could help cover the cost.
  • Networking: Attend industry events. Get to know people outside of your organisation and let them know you are looking for a change.

How can I change my career path?

  • Discover your passion: Jobs within the mining industry are vast, including roles in engineering, geoscience, metallurgy, technology, occupational health and safety and more. Explore more options by reviewing the mining career pathways .
  • Talk to those who have your dream job: Before you commit to making the change, find out what those in your dream role have to say. What steps did they take? Did their role require study, or perhaps on the job experience? Find out the best and worst parts of the job.
  • Research: Take your research further by attending an AusIMM conference or industry networking events. Discuss career options with your mentor. Get involved in an AusIMM Community of Interest group that aligns with your interest, to gather as much information as you can.
  • Upskill: Changing careers inevitably involves upskilling. This could be in the form of an online course or a series of webinars. Maybe you need a TAFE qualification or university degree. Find out how much knowledge you need to acquire before you make the change.
  • Career change within resources sector: If you’re already working within the resources sector, speak with your colleagues from different departments or organisations. Ask them what their role entails on a day-to-day basis or see if you can shadow them for a day or more. Let others know that you’re looking for a new opportunity.

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