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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Disclosure to third parties and direct marketing of third-party products and services

To deliver you the best possible membership and customer experience, we partner with a number of third parties to facilitate functional requirements of our operations. These include, but are not limited to, events management platforms, email campaign management, accreditation, etc.

For example, this policy applies to AusIMM's work in support of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) to maintain and communicate with interested parties on matters pertaining to the JORC Code.

We disclose information to third parties that fit only the following two categories:

  • Companies that participate in or provide AusIMM Members with benefits in favour of the member, as deemed by AusIMM. These partner organisations offer special rates or benefits on services such as travel services, car hire, professional development, financial and insurance. These suppliers are reviewed annually.
  • Companies that are involved specifically to improve or enhance services provided to members. These partner organisations run our email providers, manage your membership information, support and build our Website and operate the technology behind all our events. These suppliers are reviewed annually.

Where consent has been provided to use personal information (whether explicit or implied), that consent will remain current until we are advised otherwise.

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