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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

How does AusIMM collect personal information?

We will collect and hold your personal information in a fair and lawful manner, and not in an intrusive or unlawful way. We prioritise collecting your personal information directly from you, via (the Website).

We may also collect the personal information you directly give us by other means, for example:

  • When you make an inquiry or order in relation to goods or services through our Website.
  • When you register for or attend an event or conference.
  • Directly from members and non-members when they complete an application for membership, a membership grade transfer, or a professional accreditation (eg Chartered Professional or Registered Consultant), or when they purchase an AusIMM product (eg a publication or event registration), through membership applications, applications for a change in membership grade, applications for a professional accreditation or in members voluntarily providing updated personal and career information for their AusIMM membership file. These records include but are not limited to curriculum vitaes, academic records, photographs and award citations.
  • Directly via communication, including over the telephone, written correspondence, or communication via our Website.
  • When individuals choose to nominate for a role on an AusIMM committee (for example in seeking election to the AusIMM Board or to join the leadership committee for an AusIMM Branch or participate in a task force); when members are nominated for an award, or when a Complaint is received in accordance with the AusIMM By-Laws. In these cases the personal information may be provided by a third party.
  • From members when paying membership subscriptions, and also by members and non-members who purchase AusIMM products (such as publications and event registrations).
  • From non-members who subscribe to communications from AusIMM (including newsletters and social media feeds) and engage with the AusIMM online dashboard.
  • From members and non-members in order to keep a databank of both past and current members and non-members.

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