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Conference Proceedings

Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2015

Conference Proceedings

Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2015

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The Australian Mine Ventilation Conference was held in Sydney, New South Wales from 31 August - 2 September 2015. The third event in this series, it was jointly hosted by the AusIMM, the University of NSW Australia and the Mine Ventilation Society of Australia.
This conference proceedings is an invaluable tool for the local and global mine ventilation fraternity as an additional reference for mine ventilation designs. It contains three keynote papers and 40 peer-reviewed technical papers covering themes including case studies, coal seam gas, detection and control of spontaneous combustion, diesel emissions control and measurement, health hazard measurement, heat and refrigeration, mine ventilation and planning, prevention and fighting of mine fires, prevention of methane and coal dust explosions, and ventilation monitoring and control.

Papers in collection

  • Ensuring an Effective Principal Hazard Management Plan Go to Paper
  • Strategy and Tactics Implemented to Achieve Energy-efficient Ventilation and Cooling of Mines Go to Paper
  • Lessons Learnt from Mine Explosions Go to Paper
  • Innovative Tailgate Mobile Goaf Gas Management in Two Gate Road Longwall Panels - Concept to Implementation Go to Paper
  • The Development of a Dustless Dry Gunite Pump System in Underground Coal Mining - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • Secondary Ventilation as a Value Proposition - A Case Study Go to Paper
  • Advanced Ventilation Control - An Analysis of Innovation and Environmental Sustainability Go to Paper
  • Heat Load Estimation from Conveyor Systems in Mass Mines Go to Paper
  • Improved Trigger Action Response Plan Development Based Upon Mine-specific Data Go to Paper
  • Theory of Safe and Efficient Co-extraction of Coal and Gas and its Applications Go to Paper
  • Surface-to-inseam (SIS) Drilling at Oaky Creek Coal Mine - SIS Design Aspects and Drilling Environment Go to Paper
  • Character of Simulation Material of Coal - Rock and Gas Solid-gas Coupling and Engineering Application Go to Paper
  • Implementation of a Zoned Trigger Action Response Plan Associated with Changing Mine Conditions at Narrabri Mine Go to Paper
  • The Novel Technology of Inorganic Solidified Foam with High Expansion for Preventing Coal Spontaneous Combustion Go to Paper
  • Trigger Action Response Plans for Diesel Exhaust Exposures Go to Paper
  • Review of Ventilation Optimisation Strategies During Longwall Moves Go to Paper
  • Specification and Selection of Hand-held Gas Monitors (Detectors) for Underground Mines Go to Paper
  • Occupational Diseases in China, with the Emphasis on Its Occurrence in Chinese Mine Workers Go to Paper
  • Real-time Methane Detection - Modern Digital Laser Spectroscopy for Hostile Environments Go to Paper
  • Diesel Exhaust and the Underground Miner in Western Australia Go to Paper
  • What is the Oxygen Depletion Potentialof Water Vapour? Go to Paper
  • Technology of Dust Suppression by Foam for Fully Mechanised Heading Face Go to Paper
  • Novel Use of Ice Thermal Storage for Energy Management on a Mine Refrigeration Plant Go to Paper
  • The Design, Installation and Commissioning of an Absorption Refrigeration System at Gwalia Gold Mine in Western Australia Go to Paper
  • The Use of Psychometric, Thermodynamic and Transport Property Software in Mine Ventilation and Gas Drainage Calculations Go to Paper
  • Ventilation Planning Considerations when Dealing with Hot Groundwater Go to Paper
  • Quality Assurance Standards for Mine Ventilation Models and Ventilation Planning Go to Paper
  • South-west Ventilation Shaft Project at Newstan Mine Go to Paper
  • Computational Modelling Studies of Ventilation Management for Underground In-seam Drilling Sites Go to Paper
  • Development of Goaf Gas Drainage Strategies for Start-up Areas of Highly Gassy Longwall Panels Go to Paper
  • Developments in Tube Bundle Gas Monitoring Go to Paper
  • Multiparallel Fan Method to Prevent Significant External Air Leakages through a Goaf Area of a Shallow Covered Coalmine Go to Paper
  • Gas Evolution Trends for Coal from Two Different Areas at Clarence Colliery Go to Paper
  • Experimental Study on Extinguishing Characteristics of Coal Fire in Confined Space Go to Paper
  • The Potential Use of Mine Fire Simulation Software as an Enhancement for Mine Safety and Mine Rescue Training Go to Paper
  • Key Techniques and Engineering Applications of Stereoscopic Liquid Nitrogen Infusion for Coalmine Fire Prevention Go to Paper
  • The Impact of Facility Construction and Scale on the Characteristics of Experimental Coal Dust Explosions Go to Paper
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Coal Dust Explosions and Suppression Systems Go to Paper
  • Enhanced Risk Reduction Using Early Warning Technologies Embedded in Active Explosion Suppression Systems Go to Paper
  • Thin Spray-on Liners Potential in Reducing Dilution of In Situ Gas in Underground Coalmines Go to Paper
  • Development of a Low-cost Instrument for Barometric Pressure Surveys Go to Paper
  • Design and Development of Energy-efficient Secondary Axial Flow Fans Go to Paper
  • Application of Tracer Gas Flow Profiling to Improve Secondary Ventilation Practice - A Pilot Study Go to Paper
  • Australian Mine Ventilation Conference 2015 HC
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